Medical Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is there somewhere we can find results for the Post-Payment services that are under review if our facility is not part of the review?
A1: All providers can access results of current Post-Payment services under review along with education on top errors found on the Medical Review Post-Pay Reviews website page.

Q2: Can we use the same fax number to send anything to Noridian, whether it is for Medical Review or non-Medical Review?
A2: Non-Medical Review forms and/or ADR’s should not be sent to the same fax as Medical Review ADR responses. There is more information and fax numbers found on the Noridian Medicare website under Contact Us-> Fax numbers.

Q3: How do we respond to a post-payment notification/ADR letter?
A3: Please send in all claims requested with the Response Cover Sheet before each individual claim in one batch. For information on sending in documentation please see the How do I Respond to an ADR Medical Review page.


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