Management Contact Information

Noridian appreciates your feedback and welcomes any input you would like to provide us. The Supplier Contact Center is available to assist with general questions and comments. In the event you need additional assistance or require elevated levels of support, the contact information for each Noridian department manager is listed below.

Department Contact Name Phone Number Email Address
Benefit Protection Peter Limvere 701-715-9333
Medical Review Shanda Gustafson 701-433-3088
Supplier Contact Center Shawn Petersen 701-277-6633
Supplier Outreach and Education Events Monique Kleespie 701-433-5914
Recoupment Lesley Hatten 701-277-6991
Redeterminations/Reconsiderations Bret Brovick 701-277-2365
Reopenings Shawn Petersen 701-277-6633

External Contacts

  • EDI - Responsibility of CEDI contractor National Govt Services 1-866-311-9184
  • Enrollment - Responsibility of NPE National Provider Enrollment 1-866-520-5193
Last Updated Feb 05 , 2024