Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC)

Noridian DME MAC shall establish multi-jurisdictional CACs when necessary for consultation of a proposed Local Coverage Determination (LCD) or revision. The DME MAC shall include a summary of the recommendations from the CAC regarding the policy in the final LCD. The CAC purpose is to:

  • Serve in an advisory capacity as representatives of their constituency to review the quality of the evidence used in the development of an LCD; and
  • Be used as a formal mechanism for healthcare professionals to be informed of the evidence used in developing the LCD; and
  • Promote communications between Noridian and the healthcare community.

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The CAC is composed of healthcare professionals, beneficiary and industry representatives, and representatives of medical organizations. The CAC is used to supplement the MAC's internal expertise and to ensure an unbiased and contemporary consideration of "state of the art" technology and science. CAC members are valued for their background, education, experience and/or expertise in a wide variety of scientific, clinical, and other related fields.

Participation in the CAC is voluntary. Noridian does not provide an honorarium or other forms of compensation to members. All CAC meetings will be open to the public to attend and observe.


  • Email "LCD Reconsideration" at with questions regarding CAC meeting, process, or membership.


CAC meetings may be in-person or telephonic/video/on-line conference meetings. The meeting will be recorded, either video or audio or both. Interested stakeholders are invited to attend in-person or listen via teleconference; however, advance registration is required, whether attending in-person or via teleconference. Invited experts will be asked to discuss the clinical literature related to the LCD reconsideration request and rate their confidence in a series of Key Questions. Discussions will occur between CAC members and invited presenters. The public may attend; however, comments and questions to CAC members from the public will not be entertained. An Open Meeting for the public to provide comments on the proposed LCD will be hosted later once the proposed LCD is published.

Upcoming Meetings

  • There are no meetings currently scheduled.

Previous Meeting Documents and Recordings

Date LCD Title Documents Recordings
10/29/19 Oxygen and Oxygen Equipment Agenda | Key Questions | Members
03/06/19 Tumor Treatment Field Therapy (TTFT) Agenda | Key Questions | Members | Bibliography




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