2022 ICD-10 Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and Local Coverage Article (LCA) Updates

The following LCA's have been revised under contractor numbers: 0112 (NCA), 01182 (SCA), 01212 (AS, GU, HI, NMI), 01312 (NV).

Effective: October 1, 2022

Summary of Changes: The following LCAs have been updated to add, change description and/or remove ICD-10 codes.

LCD Title LCD/LCA Number ICD-10 Added ICD-10 Deleted ICD-10 Description Change
Billing and Coding: Allergy Testing A57181 T43.655A, T43.655D, T43.655S    
Billing and Coding: Lumbar MRI A57206 M51.A1, M51.A2, M51.A3, M51.A4, M51.A5, M62.5A2, Z79.61, Z79.620    


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Last Updated Oct 14 , 2022