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We are currently offering the following recorded webinars. They are available 24/7 to meet your training needs.

You can access our selected Webinars on Demand on GoToStage.

No teleconference fees apply. Events are available via the GoToStage which requires an Internet connection.

Questions - The question-and-answer portion from the live presentation will be included in the recording of the live events for educational purposes. All responses are current to the date the live event occurred.

Event Materials - No event materials will be sent out for viewing the recordings.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - CEUs will not be available for watching/listening to recorded events.

Disclaimer - Not every live event will be posted to GoToStage. All live events that do get posted will be uploaded within one week of the live event and will expire after two months.

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Listing of Events

Title Recording
04/20/2022 Noridian Medicare Portal - Self Service Reopenings, Written Reopenings, and Appeals 07/01/2022 JADME JDDME
04/26/2022 Glucose Monitors and Testing Supplies 07/01/2022 JADME JDDME
04/26/2022 Prior Authorization - Orthoses 07/01/2022 JADME JDDME
04/14/2022 DME Modifiers 07/05/2022 JADME JDDME
04/06/2022 Oral Anticancer Drugs 07/06/2022 JADME JDDME
05/04/2022 Noridian Medicare Portal Eligibility, Claim Status, and Claim Denials 07/07/2022 JADME JDDME
05/10/2022 Upper Limb Orthoses 07/11/2022 JADME JDDME
04/28/2022 Refractive Lenses 07/12/2022 JADME JDDME
05/12/2022 Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) 07/19/2022 JADME JDDME
05/25/2022 Positive Airway Pressure PAP Device L200 07/25/2022 JADME JDDME
05/12/2022 Prior Authorization - Power Mobility Devices 07/29/2022 JADME JDDME
05/17/2022 Nebulizer 08/03/2022 JADME JDDME
05/31/2022 Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes (TSPD) 08/07/2022 JADME JDDME
04/12/2022 Transitional Care Management (TCM) 08/08/2022 JEB JFB
04/14/2022 Quarterly Medicare Updates - Second Quarter - A/B  08/08/2022 JEA JEB JFA JFB
04/19/2022 Appeals A/B Basics 08/08/2022 JEA JEB JFA JFB
04/24/2022 New Provider New Biller 08/08/2022 JEA JFA
04/26/2022 Additional Documentation Requests (ADR) 08/08/2022 JEB JFB
05/17/2022 Ordered, Referred, Prescribed Services 08/08/2022 JEB JFB
05/18/2022 Prior Authorization of Repetitive, Scheduled Non-Emergent Ambulance (RSNAT) 08/08/2022 JEB JFB
05/25/2022 Cataracts 08/08/2022 JEA JEB JFA JFB
05/26/2022 NMP Claim Status and Denial Detail 08/08/2022 JEB JFB
06/01/2022 Enteral Nutrition 08/08/2022 JADME JDDME
05/19/2022 Radiology Regulations and Billing Guidelines 08/10/2022 JEB JFB
05/24/2022 Cost Report Submission 08/10/2022 JEA JFA
06/07/2022 Modifier 59, NCCI, and MUE 08/19/2022 JEB JFB
03/22/2022 Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Coverage Requirements 08/19/2022 JEA JFA
03/24/2022 Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Billing Requirements 08/19/2022 JEA JFA
04/06/2022 Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Part A Billing 08/19/2022 JEA JFA
03/29/2022 Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Part B Billing 08/19/2022 JEB JFB
05/24/2022 Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Device 08/24/2022 JADME JDDME
06/15/2022 Parenteral Nutrition 08/25/2022 JADME JDDME
06/14/2022 Claims and Appeals 08/27/2022 JADME JDDME
06/16/2022 Noridian Medicare Portal NMP Overpayments-Recoupment Requests-1099 Forms 08/30/2022 JADME JDDME
06/16/2022 SNF Public Health Emergency (PHE) Waivers 08/31/2022 JEA JFA
06/16/2022 End Stage Renal Disease ESRD Prospective Payment System PPS 08/31/2022 JEA JFA
06/16/2022 Local and National Coverage Determinations LCD - NCD 08/31/2022 JEA JEB JFA JFB
06/28/2022 Surgical Dressings and Supplies 09/01/2022 JADME JDDME
06/28/2022 Spinal Orthoses 09/04/2022 JADME JDDME
06/07/2022 Respiratory Assist Device (RAD) 09/07/2022 JADME JDDME



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