Medicare Participating Physicians/Suppliers Database (MEDPARD)

The Medicare Participating Physician Directory (MEDPARD) is a list of participating providers and suppliers who have agreed to accept assignment on all Medicare covered services. Beneficiaries, their families and their caregivers may use the online directory to find the names, addresses, phone numbers, and specialties of participating providers.

Benefits of Participation - View details about being a participating Medicare provider.

MEDPARD Directory - Noridian MEDPARD Provider Search - MEDPARD directory is updated once a year following annual Medicare open enrollment period

Participating Agreement and Open Enrollment - Each year the government gives providers an opportunity to become "Medicare participating providers" or to discontinue their participation. View Open Enrollment details including the announcement and agreement.

Participation for Providers Reassigning Benefits - Providers who reassign their benefits to an organization do not complete CMS-460 form. Individual provider will automatically take PAR status of group, unless their specialty is a mandatory assignment

Medicare Physician Compare - CMS manages a website called "Physician Compare" where beneficiaries can look up participating and non-participating providers. Physician Compare pulls all of its data from Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) and verifies that information by looking at Medicare claims data.


Last Updated Nov 21 , 2022