Do Not Forward (DNF)

Help avoid payment disruption. Please remember to formally update your address with Provider Enrollment within 30 days of any address change.


The Do Not Forward Initiative was implemented by CMS to help prevent fraud. Medicare Contractors are required to use "Return Service Requested" envelopes for all checks, remittance notices, and overpayment demand letters that are mailed to providers. This means that your Post Office is NOT able to forward your Medicare payments to a different mailing address.

If a check or remittance notice is returned by the Post Office, the Medicare contractor is required to put a Do Not Forward flag on the provider record. The provider's checks are then in a "hold" status until the payment address is updated with the contractor.

What Should a Provider Do?

The provider must mail a change of address to Provider Enrollment by using the CMS 855B or CMS 855I form. Once the address change is processed by Provider Enrollment, the flag is ended and the checks are released.


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