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Last Updated May 17, 2016

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

To provide an efficient and more streamlined service to you as a provider, CMS and Noridian require Medicare Part B providers to utilize the IVR for IVR specific information. These services are only available during the hours the Medicare processing system is available. The specific services for which Noridian requires providers to use the IVR include:

  • Part A/B patient eligibility
  • Claim status
  • Deductible status
  • Check status
  • Check history
  • Remittance Information

Additional information regarding the required use of self-service to complete simple inquiries is available in the CMS Internet Only Manual (IOM), Publication 100-09, Medicare Contractor Beneficiary and Provider Communications Manual, Chapter 6. This link takes you to an external website.

Hours of availability for the required services identified above are:

  • General IVR inquiries available 24/7
  • Claim-specific inquiries available Monday – Friday 4 a.m. - 7 p.m. PT and Saturday 4 a.m. - 2 p.m. PT

The IVR is available 24/7 to provide callers with the following general services:

Call Flow

To start the call, begin at the Main Menu, "Thanks for calling Medicare."

"Are you calling for inquiries about Patient Eligibility, Claim Status or Financial Information?"

  • Yes
    • Are you calling for Medicare Part A or Part B?"
    • "Which state are you calling for?"
  • No
    • "Ok. You can say "EDI Support Services, Provider Enrollment, Phone Reopenings, User Security, IVR or General Inquiries.""
    • "Are you calling for Medicare Part A or Part B?" *
    • "Which state are you calling for?"

Additional prompts to retrieve the necessary authentication information will follow.

Authentication - Be prepared

To ensure that calls flow as quick and as productive as possible, have the following authentication information available upon calling. Authentication information may vary depending on your inquiry and department you are contacting.

Acronyms indicated in tables below

  • NPI – National Provider Identifier
  • PTAN – Provider Transaction Access Number
  • TIN – Tax Identification Number
  • SSN – Social Security Number
  • EIN – Employer Identification Number
  • UIN – Unique Identification Number (given by User Security)
  • ERA – Electronic Remittance Advice
  • MREP – Medicare Remit Easy Print
Customer Service Department/Option Authentication Items Menu Options/Menu Option Details
Self Service IVR
  • NPI
  • PTAN
  • Last five Digits of TIN
  • NA
  • Provider: NPI
  • Vendor: Submitter ID
  • Password Assistance
    • Connect
    • EDI Gateway
  • EDI Registration
    • Connect
  • Report Questions
    • 277CA Claims Acknowledgement
    • 835 (ERA)
    • 999 Functional Acknowledgement
  • EDI Software
    • MREP
    • PC-ACE Pro 32
    • PC Print
    • Connectivity Issues
  • Another Reason
    • ASCA
Provider Enrollment
  • NPI
  • PTAN
  • Application in Process
    • In-process application questions/issue
    • Application completion timeframe
  • Revalidation
    • Revalidation process inquiries
    • Revalidation status
    • Account on hold
  • Application Status
    • In-process application status
    • Application receipt
  • PTAN Status
    • PTAN activity
    • PTAN effective date
  • General Enrollment Inquiry
    • General Enrollment Inquiries, no application in process
    • Examples: Who should I enroll in Medicare? What application should I complete and submit? Can my provider enroll in Medicare? How do I report changes?
User Security
  • UIN
  • Password Resets
    • Noridian Medicare Portal
    • Professional Provider Telecommunications Network (PPTN)
    • Direct Data Entry (DDE)
  • General Questions
    • Approving new user registrations
    • Unlocking user accounts
    • Assistance logging into Noridian Medicare Portal

The documents in this section explain how to use the IVR and what information is available through the system. CMS regulations require Medicare providers to use the IVR.

Helpful Hints

  • Call from a quiet environment
  • Be sure to have your information organized before calling
  • Speak clearly and naturally into telephone
  • Bypass upfront messaging by saying "Main Menu" or pressing the # key on telephone keypad
  • Selections may be keyed or spoken without waiting for entire prompt to play
  • Say "Main Menu" at any time to go back to beginning of call flow
  • If IVR is having difficulty with information as spoken, try keying information with telephone keypad
  • Enter full Medicare number including alpha character(s)
  • When speaking date, use full format, for example, say "July fifth, two thousand ten."
  • In order to obtain accurate information, some Medicare numbers require you to verify suffix each time, such as "B as in Boy," "D as in Dog," or "T as in Tom." To eliminate repetition, include this information when giving Medicare number - "123456789B as in Boy"

Use the IVR Conversion Tool to assist in determining the touch-tone data-entry if you prefer to avoid the voice-recognition option offered from the IVR.

Last Updated Apr 29, 2016