Additional 2022 ICD-10 Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and Local Coverage Article (LCA) Updates

The following LCA's have been revised under contractor numbers: 0112 (NCA), 01182 (SCA), 01212 (AS, GU, HI, NMI), 01312 (NV).

Effective: October 1, 2022

Summary of Changes: The following LCAs have been updated to add, change description and/or remove ICD-10 codes.

LCD Title LCD/LCA Number ICD-10 Added ICD-10 Deleted ICD-10 Description Change
Billing and Coding: Respiratory Care (Respiratory Therapy) A57224 D81.82, E87.20, E87.21, E87.22, E87.29, J95.87, K76.82 E87.2 N/A
Billing and Coding: Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography A54969 G93.31, G93.32, G93.39, G71.031, G71.032, G71.033, G71.0341, G71.0342, G71.0349, G71.035, G71.038, M62.5A0, M62.5A1, and M62.5A2 G93.3 N/A
Billing and Coding: Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation A54068 I25.112, I25.702, I25.712, I25.722, I25.732, I25.752, I25.762 & I25.792 N/A N/A
Billing and Coding: Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) A58236 N/A N/A C84.41, C84.42, C84.43, C84.44, C84.45, C84.46, C84.47, C84.48, C84.49
Zika Virus Testing by PCR and ELISA A55326 O35.00X1, O35.00X2, O35.00X3, O35.00X4, O35.00X5, O35.00X9, O35.07X1, O35.07X2, O35.07X3, O35.07X4, O35.07X5, O35.07X9, O35.09X1, O35.09X2, O35.09X3, O35.09X4, O35.09X5, O35.09X9 O35.0XX0, O35.0XX1, O35.0XX2, O35.0XX3, O35.0XX4, O35.0XX5, O35.0XX9 N/A
Billing and Coding: Positron Emission Tomography Scans Coverage A54666 Group 1: I47.20, I47.21, I47.29, I25.112, I25.702, I25.712, I25.722, I25.732, I25.752, I25.762, I25.792
Group 4:F01.511, 01.518, F01.52, F01.53, F01.54, F01.A0, F01.A11, F01.A18, F01.A2, F01.A3, F01.A4, F01.B0, F01.B11, F01.B18, F01.B2, F01.B3, F01.B4, F01.C0, F01.C11, F01.C18, F01.C2, F01.C3, F01.C4, F02.811, F02.818, F02.82, F02.83, F02.84, F02.A0, F02.A11, F02.A18, F02.A2, F02.A3, F02.A4, F02.B0, F02.B11, F02.B18, F02.B2, F02.B3, F02.B4, F02.C0, F02.C11, F02.C18, F02.C2, F02.C3, F02.C4, F03.911, F03.918, F03.92, F03.93, F03.94, F03.A0, F03.A11, F03.A18, F03.A2, F03.A3, F03.A4, F03.B0, F03.B11, F03.B18, F03.B2, F03.B3, F03.B4, F03.C0, F03.C11, F03.C18, F03.C2, F03.C3, F03.C4
Group 1: I47.2
Group 4: F01.51, F02.81, F03.91
Group 2: F03.90
Group 4: F01.50, F03.90, G31.09, G31.84.
Group 5: C84.41, C84.42, C84.43, C84.44, C84.45, C84.46, C84.47, C84.48, C84.49


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