Amniotic and/or Placental Derived Products (Also Known As "Skin Substitutes") - Resolved 02/23/22

Provider/Supplier Type(s) Impacted: All Providers

Reason Codes: Not Applicable

Claim Coding Impact: All Q codes related to amniotic and/or placental derived membrane and liquid Q codes.

Description of Issue: Noridian is currently holding amniotic and/or placental derived MEMBRANE codes used in non-wound indications as well as all LIQUID Q code claims used for any indication. These claims will be held in the system until further direction is received.

Noridian Action Required: Noridian will publish additional information when additional details are available.

Provider/Supplier Action Required: No provider action at this time

Proposed Resolution/Solution: Noridian will provide additional information as it becomes available

01/28/22 - No update. Noridian is continuing to hold claims.

02/23/22 - Please refer to the recently published Manipulated, Reconstituted and/or Injectable Amniotic and Placental Derived Products article for further information.

Date Reported: 01/10/22

Date Resolved: 02/23/22

            Last Updated Sat, 11 Feb 2023 03:50:45 +0000