Anesthesia CPT 00537 for 2022 Services Underpaid - Resolved 04/06/22

Provider/Supplier Type(s) Impacted: All providers billing CPT 00537

Reason Codes: n/a

Claim Coding Impact: 00537

Description of Issue: The 2022 Anesthesia Base Unit (ABU) for 00537, which is provided by CMS, was not updated for dates of service starting 01/01/22. This has resulted in claims being underpaid.

Noridian Action Required: The ABU will be updated and affected claims reprocessed.

Provider/Supplier Action Required: There is no provider action.

Proposed Resolution/Solution: The 2022 ABU for CPT 00537 was updated on 03/14/22. Noridian will identify the underpaid claims and reprocess them.

04/06/22 - Noridian initiated the mass adjustments on 03/31/22.

Date Reported: 03/17/22

Date Resolved: 04/06/22


Last Updated Apr 06 , 2022