Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) in the New Year

January is Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) awareness month. Providers should encourage their patients to start 2021 out right. As part of Medicare's preventive services program, the AWV is to develop and update a prevention plan that is tailored to the patient on an ongoing basis. This program is called a Personalized Prevention Plan Service (PPPS). The AWV is not a "routine physical". Medicare does not provide coverage for routine physicals. Keeping patients up to date on the AWV visit helps detect early health risks and illnesses.

The initial AWV is provided to a beneficiary who is no longer within their first 12 months of Medicare Part B coverage and has not received an initial preventive physical examination (IPPE). Medicare Part B covers one initial AWV in a lifetime and subsequent AWVs every 12 months. Medicare provides this benefit without any out-of-pocket costs to the Medicare patient. No deductible or copayment/coinsurance applies.


Medicare Wellness Visits

Preventive Services Chart

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