Billing and Coding: Sacroiliac Joint Injections and Procedures (A59244) - R5 - Effective June 1, 2024

Date Posted: June 12, 2024

This Local Coverage Determination (LCD) has been revised under contractor numbers: 01112 (NCA), 01182 (SCA), 01212 (AS, GU, HI, and NMI), and 01312 (NV).

Medicare Coverage Database (MCD) Number: A59244

Effective Date: June 1, 2024

Summary of Changes: Added statement under Coding Guidance, "For sacro-iliac joint injections performed without CT or fluoroscopic guidance in patients who are not pregnant and who do not have contrast allergies, do not bill CPT codes 27096, 20610, or 20611. Use CPT code 20552, one unit, for unilateral or bilateral sacroiliac joint injection(s)."

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Last Updated Jun 11 , 2024