Internet-based PECOS Help is Available

Whether you are a provider enrolling in Medicare for the first time or need to make changes to your enrollment information, Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) is the most efficient process of submitting applications and keeping Medicare enrollment information up to date. In fact, reducing an application processing timeline to 45 days is only one of the many benefits. See the PECOS Web - Enroll and Make Changes Online webpage for more.

If you are a provider who finds PECOS a bit intimidating, guidance is available as the Noridian Enrollment team has created various PECOS related Enrollment on Demand (EoD) tutorials to help you use it with ease.

To get started, become familiar with buttons and pages while learning how to navigate through the PECOS Provider Interface (PI) with the EoD Extra "Basics of PECOS (PI)."

Once familiar with the PECOS PI, view the many other EoD Extras available to:

  • Learn about the application questionnaire when applying
  • Learn how to completely submit an application when applying
  • Learn about the Error/Warning check tab when submitting applications and what needs to be fixed
  • Learn about the required documents topic, what may need to be uploaded and how to upload that document when applying
  • Learn about the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and what to upload when applying
  • Learn how to correct and resubmit an application when it is returned for corrections or rejected
  • Learn how to start an application to change information on an existing enrollment
  • Learn how to start a revalidation application
  • And more

Continue to watch the Enrollment on Demand (EoD) Tutorials for Part B Specialties webpage expand as EoDs are added.

Last Updated Feb 01, 2018