Manipulated, Reconstituted and/or Injectable Amniotic and Placental Derived Products

The public notice issued on 2/23/22 has been rescinded as of 3/25/22. Further direction on previously processed and newly submitted claims will be forthcoming. Please continue to watch our website and Listserv email for further direction.

Noridian requests that providers and other external stakeholders check the Noridian Medicare website or Listserv for updates rather than contacting the Provider Contact Center for questions regarding this message

This notice pertains to amniotic and/or placental derived products used for indications other than as a membranous covering for burns, wounds, or ophthalmic conditions. ALL manipulated and/or reconstituted membranous grafts or products in liquid or other forms are subject to this notice.

            Last Updated Thu, 31 Mar 2022 13:20:37 +0000