Provider Enrollment Functions Available in NMP - Effective September 27, 2018

The Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) now offers three Provider Enrollment functionalities. These new functions will assist NMP users with individual provider maintenance within a group as well as record maintenance for solo practitioners and established providers.

  1. Upload Requested Documentation: Authorized users can upload revisions for an application that is currently in process. The uploaded documentation is automatically attached to the application eliminating the need to fax Noridian with the requested information.
  2. Check Application Status: Displays the status of an application within the processing workflow. Providers can view previous and completed applications affiliated with the enrollment selected.
  3. Download Noridian Notification Letter: Retrieve the Noridian Notification letter(s) upon an application completion. Although we do have historical application notification letters available; it is not a comprehensive historical library.

If you are not yet a registered NMP user, follow the instructions provided within the Registration Guide to gain access. 

If you are a current NMP user and want to use the Provider Enrollment function, follow the instructions below.

  • End User must request access
    • Log in to NMP
    • Go to ‘Manage Account' in upper right-hand corner, select ‘Provider/Supplier Combinations' tab
    • In ‘Functions' column, click on blue ‘request access' link for each necessary provider combination you will need access to
    • Link will change to ‘pending approval'
  • Provider Administrator must approve request before function can be accessed

For further information, view the NMP Manuals.


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