Remits With No Financial Control Number (FCN) For Withholding Transactions - Resolved 11/19/21

Provider/Supplier Type(s) Impacted: All Providers

Reason Codes: Not Applicable

Claim Coding Impact: Not Applicable

Description of Issue: When a withholding amount is reported on the Part B Electronic Remittance Advice, the corresponding FCN is not being displayed with the dollar amount which also affects that information from being displayed on the Standard Paper Remit and the Internet Remit.

Noridian Action Required: No action required. A fix has already been implemented.

Provider/Supplier Action Required: No provider action is required. The MCS Shared System maintainer continues to research a process to identify and generate corrected remittance advices that were affected by this issue. Please continue to monitor this alert for updates.

11/05/21 - Please refer to the Noridian Medicare Portal for the patient information of the FCN. This information can be located under the Overpayment Results tab under Financials.

Proposed Resolution/Solution: The MCS Shared System Maintainer created a fix for this issue on 10/08/21 and sent an emergency release to correct this issue. The fix was installed into Production after cycles on 10/08/21 and will be included with the 10/11/21 production cycles.

11/05/21 - The MCS Shared System maintainer has now identified all of the remittance advices impacted by this issue. MCS will begin generating duplicate remittance advices during the week of 11/08/21. These duplicate remittance advices will now display the missing FCN information for withholding transactions reported on previous remittance advices during the 10/04/21-10/08/21 timeframe.

11/12/21 - MCS is continuing to work on generating the duplicate remittance advices.

11/19/21 - The MCS maintainer has regenerated all remittance advices affected by this issue and sent them to providers on 11/19/21. No further action is required for this issue.

Date Reported: 10/11/21

Date Resolved: 11/19/21


            Last Updated Mon, 22 Nov 2021 19:38:59 +0000