Suicide Crisis Hotline Reminder

Share the resources provided below with all providers and staff to be aware of the Nationwide Suicide and Crisis Hotline - 988. In July, they updated it to a shorter 3 digit number to make it easier to remember. The Lifeline Network provides patients with more than 200 crisis centers to provide suppoet for a suicidal memtal health and/or substance use crisis.

The last link below provides access to promotional material that you can order or download to print for your office to highlight this important change.

Does not have to be Medicare beneficiary to call

The number, 988, can be accessed by talk, or text.

Suicide is the 12th leading cause of death in the US

In 2020 - 45,979 Americans committed suicide

In 2020 - There were 1.20 million suicide attempts

Source: CMS 2022-07-21-MLNC


Last Updated Sep 23 , 2022