Contact Noridian with CERT Related Inquiries

Providers are encouraged to contact the Noridian CERT team with CERT related inquiries. The team is able to assist with the below.

  • CERT Review Status
  • Confirm receipt of records
  • Provide the review outcome
  • Assist providers with obtaining records from other entities
  • Offer trending information for your provider
  • Provide duplicate letters, include CERT ADR letters
  • Update or establish a CERT point of contact that will be used by Noridian
  • Educate providers on the finding
  • Offer recommendations to prevent future findings
  • Offer electronic or onsite education

To submit a CERT related question to Noridian Medicare Part B, send an email to Be sure to follow the below instructions.

  1. "CERT Question" will auto populate in email Subject line
  2. Provide only the following information in email body
    • Provider's name, address, City/State and telephone number
    • Contact person Noridian will be speaking with in regards to CERT question

      DO NOT include Protected Health Information (PHI) or sensitive information in the subject line OR in the body of this email. This includes (but is not limited to): beneficiary's name, date of service, Internal Control Number (ICN) on claim or patient's Medicare ID. If needed, this information will be requested via phone call. PHI is NOT permitted to be transmitted via email.
  3. When Noridian returns your call, have the following information available:
    • Beneficiary's Name, Date of Birth and Medicare ID
    • Claim Identification (CID) number from CERT and Noridian state where services occurred
    • ICN - if one is available
    • Documentation supporting services (CPT/HCPCS codes) under review by CERT contractor
    • Any documentation that pertains to question being asked


Last Updated Tue, 16 May 2023 17:12:10 +0000