Providers able to Order, Certify, and Prescribe Part D Drugs

According to CMS Internet Only Manual (IOM), Publication 100-08, Medicare Program Integrity Manual, Chapter 10, Section 10.6.13 - Ordering/Certifying Suppliers, depending upon state law, the following physicians and non-physician practitioners are permitted to order or certify items or services for Medicare beneficiaries:

  • Doctors of medicine or osteopathy
  • Doctors of dental surgery or dental medicine
  • Doctors of podiatry
  • Doctors of optometry
  • Physician assistants
  • Certified clinical nurse specialists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Certified nurse midwives
  • Clinical social workers
  • Residents meeting eligibility criteria (Pursuant to CMS Final Rule CMS-6010-F, residents (as defined in 42 CFR § 413.75 and which includes interns and fellows) who are enrolled in an accredited graduate medical education program in a state that licenses or otherwise enables such individual to practice or order these items or services may enroll in Medicare to order and certify).


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