Abdominal Echocardiography

CPT Codes:

  • 76700 - Us exam, abdom, complete
  • 76705 - Echo exam of abdomen

Submit CPT code 76705 when an abdominal echography is performed for one organ or quadrant. The single study of a quadrant includes all of the organs in that particular quadrant. If more than one organ from different quadrants are studied, submit CPT code 76700 (complete procedure).

For example, the spleen and stomach are in a single quadrant. Since both organs examined are in one quadrant, only one submission of CPT code 76705 would be appropriate. The gallbladder is in a different quadrant; if it were studied in addition to the spleen and stomach, the appropriate CPT code is 76700 (complete procedure).


Last Updated Oct 25 , 2022