Appointment of Representative

An appointed representative is a person authorized to act on behalf of a beneficiary or provider involved in the appeal. The appointed representative has all beneficiary or provider rights and responsibilities throughout the appeals process.

May be Appointed to Act as Representative

This is not all-inclusive.

  • Congressional staff members
  • Family members of a beneficiary
  • Friends or neighbors of a beneficiary
  • Member of a beneficiary advocacy group
  • Member of a provider or supplier advocacy group
  • Attorneys
  • Physicians or suppliers

Providers or supplier employees are not required to include an Appointment of Representative (AOR) form

Required AOR Signatures and Timeliness Examples

  • Representative must sign AOR form within 30 calendar days of party's signature
  • Appointment of Representative form requires two dated signatures
    • Signatures include: party to appeal and entity seeking to represent party to appeal
  • Signature is valid one year from time of signing
    • If signature dates are not the same, the latest date (must still be timely upon Noridian's receipt of appeal, to be considered valid) will determine the one-year timeliness
Dates of Service Last Dated AOR Signature Date of Noridian Receipt Valid AOR
03/01/18-03/15/18 03/07/17 05/01/18 No
03/01/18-03/15/18 05/01/17 05/01/18 Yes
02/01/18-02/28/18 03/05/18 03/05/18 *No


*Noridian will take into account holidays, weekends, and days the Noridian office is closed, which may impact receipt times.


Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023