Professional Provider Telecommunications Network (PPTN)

PPTN, or Professional Provider Telecommunication Network, is a service offered by Noridian to Medicare B providers who submit claims electronically.

PPTN allows the provider quick and easy access to information such as:

  • Medicare Beneficiary Eligibility
  • Claim Status Information
  • Summary of Claims Volume
  • Summary of Payments
  • Pricing Information
  • Diagnosis and Procedure Code Lookups

Getting Started

Providers can check the status of claims within three days of a successful transmission.

PPTN requires a connectivity service provided by an external company to establish the connection. It is the provider's responsibility to coordinate connectivity services. Information regarding IVANS and Visionshare connectivity services can be found on the Noridian Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) website.

Noridian is responsible for assigning user IDs and terminating access for PPTN. The Medicare Claims Processing System (MCPS) Form is used for all security changes/updates.

If you have any questions regarding your PPTN access or completing the MCPS form, contact User Security.

IVANS and VisionShare Connectivity Users - The Multi Carrier System (MCS) utilized for processing Medicare Part B claims was created with a system configuration of a LOGMODE 4 session. Any software package used to access the PPTN system must be configured as a LOGMODE 4 session (43 x 80 lines). Please ensure all software used to access PPTN is configured with the LOGMODE 4 setting in order to view the system on-line screens.

For VisionShare Users Only - Providers contracted with VisionShare are given the ability to use different software packages with their different connectivity options. Due to mainframe system requirements from the data center that handles our Medicare Part B claims processing for the states of Alaska, Oregon and Washington, the QWS-3270 software that is identified as a no cost option for other services is not a viable option for this service in these states.

If you have questions on this or other TN3270 software compatibility issues, contact the VisionShare Technical Support Hot Line at 612-460-4327.


Last Updated Apr 13 , 2023