Modifier PT

A colorectal cancer screening test which led to a diagnostic procedure.

Correct Use

  • When a service began as a colorectal cancer screening test and then was moved to diagnostic test due to findings during the screening
  • Append the modifier to the diagnostic procedure code that is reported instead of the screening colonoscopy or screening sigmoidoscopy code
  • Append to surgical procedure codes in the range: 10000-69999, G0500
  • Append to the appropriately coded anesthesia procedure code associated to one of the above surgical codes

Incorrect Use

  • Do not use the Modifier PT when the service began as a diagnostic procedure

Note: The Medicare policy waives the Part B deductible for all surgical procedures furnished on the same date and in the same encounter as a colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, or barium enema that were initiated as colorectal cancer screening services and submitted with PT modifier.



Last Updated Dec 06 , 2022