MSP Overpayments

If Medicare demands an overpayment after a Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) claim has paid, the MSP Form must be submitted along with the primary insurer Explantion of Benefit (EOB).

To avoid processing delays with MSP Part B Form, review the following:

  • Use form for any MSP request pertaining to primary or secondary payment of claims
  • Forward all inquiries for MSP recovery to Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center (BCRC)
  • Include primary insurer EOB and/or documentation supporting insurance benefit with form
  • Do not include a refund check with form
  • Do not use form if requesting a Redetermination on an MSP claim that is not MSP-related
  • Do not use form for a new claim submission
  • Do not use form for situations that involve Veteran's Administration, PACMED or USFHP (US Family Health Plan). Use the Reopenings Form.

If sending a refund check, complete and submit MSP Voluntary Checks Form.

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