Provider Mailing Addresses and Points of Contact for CERT Requests

Where are CERT ADR letters mailed to?

  1. AdvanceMed mails all Initial CERT ADR letters to a provider's primary practice address identified within Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System (PECOS).
  2. If there is no provider response and an additional contact is necessary, a second request is sent to provider's PECOS Correspondence address.
  3. If there is still no response, requests will continue to be sent to other addresses within provider's PECOS file.

Interested in making an address or point of contact update? Access the below information from this page.

Update Addresses in PECOS

If a provider address must be updated, he/she must make the necessary changes via PECOS. See details on how to do this in CMS Medicare Learning Network (MLN) Matters Special Edition (SE)1617.

Add an Alternate Address for Subsequent Request Correspondence

A designated alternate address may be added for subsequent ADR letters related to that sampled claim. To make this update, a provider must call AdvanceMed CERT at 888-779-7477 and provide Customer Service Representative (CSR) this information. NOTE: This address will not carry over to any other CERT sampled claims.

Create a Point of Contact (POC) with AdvanceMed and/or with Nordian

  • AdvanceMed Chain Address Program - AdvanceMed recently implemented a "chain address" program for providers who have at least 10 PTAN/OSCAR numbers and who would like to elect a single POC.
    • If interested, contact AdvanceMed CERT CSR or Noridian CERT team with a list of PTAN/OSCAR numbers and designated point of contact information (name, address, email, phone and fax number)
    • To assure information is supplied to CERT within the 45 days, CERT CSR will email/call the POC with a list of outstanding CERT Claim ID (CID) numbers
      • Due to FIRST letter being sent to provider address on file, these may be requests that the POC has not yet received
        • When requested, CERT CSR will forward a copy of ADR for these CIDs
  • AdvanceMed Group Calls - To reduce provider burden, when CIDs with the same phone number are identified, the AdvanceMed CERT CSR will group such calls to ensure a single contact is made to the provider(s) associated with the phone number on file. This means that multiple outstanding requests may be discussed during one single contact from the AdvanceMed CERT CSR.
  • Noridian - If a provider would like us to contact or mail CERT related correspondence to a designated recipient, we have opted to maintain a specific provider contact for CERT related items. If a specific point of contact is not provided, the Noridian CERT team will use the contact on file with the AdvanceMed.
    • Complete and email/fax CERT POC Provider Form. See the Other Review Contractor Forms webpage to access the form. NOTE: This address can only be used by Noridian for CERT related communications. AdvanceMed does not have access to this address and will continue to mail the initial and subsequent record requests to the primary practice address indicated within PECOS as indicated above.

Contact Noridian with CERT Questions

Inquiries regarding this information or any other CERT related topics can be submitted to the Noridian CERT team. See Contact Noridian with CERT Related Inquiries webpage for details.

Last Updated Jun 13, 2018