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EDI Enrollment - JE Part B

Total Enrollment: EDI Enrollment

Before registering with EDI, complete Steps 1-6 for Provider Enrollment

The following steps outline the process of setting up a billing NPI to exchange data electronically with Noridian such as submitting claims and receiving remittance advices.

Step 7: Identify Connectivity/Submission Method

EDISS supports two options:

  1. Direct via Connectivity Vendor
    • Allows providers to exchange data and handle connectivity using a Network Service Vendor's pre-established EDI connection
    • For a list of available direct software options supported by EDISS, visit the EDISS Software/Connectivity webpage.
  2. Third-Party Vendor (Clearinghouse/Billing Service)
    • Allows vendor to act on provider's behalf for data exchange and connectivity
    • For a list of available Third-Party Vendors, visit EDISS Vendor List

To help determine which option would best fit a provider's needs, visit the EDISS Software/Connectivity webpage.

Step 8: Complete 'EDISS Connect' Registration

Registration with EDISS is broken into two parts:

  1. Establishing the provider account by providing the following information:
    • Billing NPI
    • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Facility Demographic Information
    • A Primary EDI Contact
  2. Registering the provider transactions which requires the following steps:
    • Decide how data will be exchanged (identified in Step 7)
    • Identify the state and Line of Business that will be registered
    • Identify transactions that will be registered
      • 837 - Claim Submission
      • 835 - Electronic Remittance Advice
      • 276 - Batch Claim Status Request

EDISS has various guides and tutorials to walk providers through the registration process, visit the EDISS Registration webpage.

Step 9: Registration Completed


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