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On this page, view identified claims processing related issues.

For system issues related to NMP, IVR, Noridian Provider Contact Center training closures, and holiday closures, see System Notices.

Open Alerts

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Temporary Disruption to External Print and Mail Services Alert 07/22/2024

Closed Alerts

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National System Issue Inadvertently Adjusted Claims - Resolved 09/26/22 Alert 08/23/2022
Bilateral Procedures Payments Billed with RT and/or LT Modifiers - Resolved 08/04/22 Alert 08/05/2022
Repetitive, Scheduled Non-Emergent Ambulance Transports (RSNAT) Delays - Resolved 04/22/22 Alert 04/26/2022
Anesthesia CPT 00537 for 2022 Services Underpaid - Resolved 04/06/22 Alert 04/06/2022