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Additional Documentation Request (ADR) Timeline Calculator - Calculate date Noridian must receive requested documentation

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Calculator - Calculate ALJ submission deadline

Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) Tutorial - Hover over form fields to identify details required for each

CERT Quick Look Documentation Tool - A quick look reference guide of common Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) policies under review and the documentation that is usually required for the policy criteria to be met.

CMS-1500 Claim Form Tutorial - Hover over form fields to identify details required for each

Claim Submission Timelines Calculator - Calculate claim submission deadlines

Documentation Checklists - View checklists to help identify records not routinely submitted by providers but must be available upon request

Enteral Nutrition Calculator - Determine correct number of units to submit Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition claims

External Infusion Pump (EIP) Drug Calculators - The following calculator can be used by suppliers to aid in determining the appropriate units of service to be billed on a claim for drugs used with the external infusion pump (EIP).

Fee Schedule Lookup Tool - Find DMEPOS, Drug or PEN fees

IVR Conversion Tool - Determine touch-tone number sequence to enter in IVR

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Payment Calculator - Providers may enter specific amounts from the primary insurance company's Explanation of Benefits in addition to their billed amount to determine Medicare's payment (line-level, not full claim billed amount).

Nebulizer Drug Calculators -The Nebulizer Drug Calculator will display the maximum number of units that can be billed in a 31 or 90 day period by inputing the strength of the drug, the size of the vial dispensed (if applicable) and the frequency the medication is taken.

Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) - Access eligibility, claim status, same or similar, overpayments, Reopening/Redetermination submission and status inquiry, power mobility device prior authorization request status, and claim-specific remittance advices

Physician Resource Letters - Suppliers may provide these letters to physicians to assist in gathering appropriate documentation

Reconsideration Calculator - Calculate Reconsideration submission deadline

Recovery Auditor Contractor Calculator - Calculate time frames for Recovery Auditor activities

Redetermination Calculator - Calculate Redetermination submission deadline

Remittance Advice (RA) Tutorial - Hover over RA items to identify details of each

Reopening Timeliness Calculator - Determine the date a Reopening request must be received by Noridian in order to meet timeliness guidelines.


Last Updated Jan 19, 2018