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COVID-19: Vaccinate Your Patients

Help protect your patients from COVID-19. Medicare covers the COVID-19 vaccine administration. There’s no cost to your Medicare patient for the vaccine and its administration.

Find out if your Medicare patient is fully vaccinated:

  • Check Medicare eligibility (PDF) for COVID-19 vaccine administration history from Fee-for-Service claims paid for calendar years 2020 and 2021. This includes Medicare Advantage patients.
  • You’ll get the CPT or HCPCS codes, date of service, and national provider identifier for who administered the vaccine for each paid vaccine administration claim.
  • If you don’t see information about Medicare claims, ask your patients about their COVID-19 vaccination history; they may have been vaccinated, and the provider didn’t submit a Medicare claim (like if they got vaccinated at a free event).

More Information:

Source: CMS MLN Connects dated August 12, 2021


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