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View Enrollment, Changes, Revalidation, and Related Information available to assist established and new Medicare Part B providers.

Topic Brief Description
Opt Out of Medicare An overview of the opt out process is provided with a list of providers who have opted out
Potential Providers

Educational tools and information to help you successfully complete the necessary application(s)

  • Enrollment on Demand Tutorials for Part B Specialties, National Provider Identifier (NPI), Participation, NonParticipation, Assignment and Nonassignment of Benefits, Terms and Definitions, Provider Interactive Enrollment Interview, Tips to Facilitate the Medicare Enrollment Process, Enrollment Forms
Enrollment on Demand Tutorials View several self-paced application tutorials to aid in application completion process
Open Enrollment Announcement and agreement for providers who will become a participating provider or who are discontinuing the participation
MEDPARD Participating physicians who have agreed to accept assignment on all Medicare claims and covered services are included
Enroll/Report Changes

Enroll online using PECOS Web, Make changes online using PECOS Web, Learn about EFT, View ways to avoid paper application delays, View PECOS web completion tips

Ordering and Referring View information for providers enrolling for the sole purpose to order and refer
Revalidation Resources and checklist to ensure providers submit proper documentation to fulfill the requirement for all enrolled providers and suppliers to revalidate their enrollment information under new enrollment screening criteria
Withdraw from Medicare View information to terminate your Medicare number
Forms CMS Enrollment Application Form links including applications for institutional and ordering/referring providers as well as the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form
Enrollment Appeals Process A provider whose Medicare enrollment is denied or their billing privileges are revoked may appeal Provider Enrollment's decision of the application. This includes information on Reconsiderations (Appeals) and Corrective Action Plans (CAPS)
Enrollment Contact Center The Enrollment Contact Center phone numbers and elements necessary prior to contacting our various teams to have the most successful call and resolution
Inquiries and Solutions Various enrollment related questions and answers


Last Updated Dec 19, 2016

Enrollment Contacts



Deadline is coming. Learn More About Cycle 2 Revalidation.