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We are currently offering the following recorded webinars. They are available 24/7 to meet your training needs.

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Questions - The question-and-answer portion from the live presentation will be included in the recording of the live events for educational purposes. All responses are current to the date the live event occurred.

Event Materials - Event materials may be requested by emailing registrations@noridian.com with “Recording material” and the specific event title in the subject line.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - CEUs will not be available for watching/listening to recorded events.

Disclaimer - Not every live event will be posted to GoToStage. All live events that do get posted will be uploaded within one week of the live event and will expire after six months.

Last Updated Oct 26 , 2022

Listing of Events

Title Recording
08/08/2023 Local and National Coverage Determinations (LCD-NCD) 02/24/2024 JEA JEB JFA JFB
08/16/2023 Dermatology and Pathology Services 02/24/2024 JEB JFB
08/22/2023 Care Plan Oversight (CPO) 03/01/2024 JEB JFB
08/16/2023 End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) AB Coverage 03/01/2024 JEA JEB JFA JFB
08/23/2023 Provider Enrollment Rebuttal, Reconsideration, and CAPs 03/01/2024 JEB JFB
08/30/2023 Immunosuppressive Drugs 03/01/2024 JADME JDDME
08/30/2023 Website Wednesday - Policy Focused Tools 03/01/2024 JADME JDDME
08/23/2023 Website Wednesday - Noridian Medicare Portal and Claims 03/01/2024 JADME JDDME
09/05/2023 Medicare Secondary Payer 03/07/2024 JADME JDDME
09/28/2023 Oral Appliance 03/14/2024 JADME JDDME
10/17/2023 External Infusion Pumps- Coverage Criteria 03/14/2024 JADME JDDME
08/24/2023 Incident To 03/15/2024 JEB JFB
09/26/2023 Spinal Orthoses 03/26/2024 JADME JDDME
09/13/2023 Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) 03/28/2024 JEA JFA
09/14/2023 Anesthesia Services 03/28/2024 JEB JFB
09/20/2023 Enrollment Ownership and Managerial Reporting 04/10/2024 JEB JFB
09/13/2023 Sole Proprietor and Sole Owner Differences 04/10/2024 JEB JFB
09/28/2023 Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Swing Bed Services 04/10/2024 JEA JFA
09/28/2023 Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Billing Part A Claims 04/10/2024 JEA JFA
09/27/2023 Influenza and Pneumococcal Immunization Roster Billing 04/10/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
09/26/2023 Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Part B Billing 04/10/2024 JEB JFB
09/20/2023 CMS Policies and a Look to the Future: A Medicare & Medicaid Update 04/10/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
09/20/2023 Provider Enrollment Hits, Runs, and Errors 04/10/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
09/20/2023 Post-Play Review: Understanding Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) 04/10/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
09/21/2023 Provider Documentation for Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) 04/10/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
09/21/2023 Reading the Rulebook: Documentation Requirements 04/10/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
09/21/2023 Can I Have Your Autograph? Medicare Signature Requirements 04/10/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
09/20/2023 Navigating the Field: CMS and Noridian Web Tours 04/10/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
09/21/2023 Covering Your Bases with Provider Audit & Reimbursement 04/10/2024 JEA JFA
09/21/2023 Keeping Score: Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) During the First Inning 04/10/2024 JEB JFB
09/20/2023 Pinch Hitting for your Provider: Incident-To Billing 04/10/2024 JEB JFB
09/21/2023 Medicare’s Approach to the Coverage of Newer Technologies in Clinical Medicine 04/10/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
10/18/2023 External Infusion Pumps - Billing Coding and Documentation 04/10/2024 JADME JDDME
10/12/2023 Oxygen and Oxygen Equipment 04/11/2024 JADME JDDME
10/03/2023 Quarterly Medicare Updates - AB 04/24/2024 JEA JEB JFA JFB
10/04/2023 Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) Enrollment 04/24/2024 JEB JFB
10/12/2023 Quarterly Medicare Updates - AB - After Hours 04/24/2024 JEA JEB JFA JFB
10/18/2023 Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) Enrollment 04/24/2024 JEB JFB
10/11/2023 Home Infusion Therapy Enrollment 04/30/2024 JEB JFB
10/12/2023 Ambulance Orders and Documentation Requirements 04/30/2024 JEB JFB
10/17/2023 Using the Portal to Reduce Top Denials 05/03/2024 JEB JFB
11/08/2023 Power Mobility Devices - Documentation 05/03/2024 JADME JDDME
11/15/2023 Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage ABN 05/03/2024 JADME JDDME
11/16/2023 General Documentation Requirements 05/03/2024 JADME JDDME
10/18/2023 Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF) Medical Review Top Errors 05/06/2024 JEA JFA
10/25/2023 Telehealth Enrollment Basics 05/06/2024 JEB JFB
10/25/2023 Screenings: Mammography Pap Pelvic Exam and Cervical Cancer with HPV Testing 05/06/2024 JEB JFB
10/26/2023 Top Denials and Solutions - Q3 05/06/2024 JEA JFA
10/26/2023 Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) - After Hours 05/06/2024 JEB JFB
11/02/2023 Prior Authorization - Power Mobility Devices Including Voluntary PA for Accessories 05/09/2024 JADME JDDME
11/07/2023 Power Mobility Devices - Coverage and Coding 05/09/2024 JADME JDDME
11/14/2023 Ostomy Supplies 05/10/2024 JADME JDDME
11/15/2023 Prior Authorization - Orthoses 05/10/2024 JADME JDDME
11/01/2023 Osteogenesis Stimulators 05/16/2024 JADME JDDME
11/01/2023 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) Billing for Inpatient Stays 05/16/2024 JEA JFA
11/08/2023 Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement (EFT) 05/16/2024 JEA JEB JFA JFB
12/05/2023 Claim Denial Rebill Reopen or Redetermination 05/17/2024 JADME JDDME
11/09/2023 Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Devices 05/18/2024 JADME JDDME
11/08/2023 Drugs and Biologicals - Outpatient Overview and Billing 05/27/2024 JEB JFB
11/09/2023 Local and National Coverage Determinations (LCD-NCD) 05/27/2024 JEA JEB JFA JFB
11/14/2023 Modifier 59 05/27/2024 JEB JFB
11/16/2023 Inpatient Psychiatric Facility (IPF) 05/27/2024 JEA JFA
12/13/2023 Lower Limb Prostheses LLP 06/01/2024 JADME JDDME
12/13/2023 Competitive Bidding Program Temporary Gap Period 06/04/2024 JADME JDDME
11/15/2023 Using the Portal to Reduce Top Denials 06/04/2024 JEB JFB
11/21/2023 Drugs and Biologicals - Outpatient Hydration, Infusions Documentation and Post-Pay Review 06/04/2024 JEB JFB
11/22/2023 Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Reimbursement 06/06/2024 JEA JFA
11/28/2023 Facet Joint Interventions for Pain Management 06/06/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
12/05/2023 Knee Orthoses_ Basic Definitions and Coverage Criteria 06/07/2024 JADME JDDME
12/12/2023 Upper Limb Orthoses 06/07/2024 JADME JDDME
12/12/2023 Upper Limb Orthosis 06/13/2024 JADME JDDME
12/14/2023 External Breast Prosthesis 06/13/2024 JADME JDDME
12/12/2023 Enteral and Parenteral Updates and Nutrition Modifiers – MINI Webinar 06/14/2024 JADME JDDME
12/12/2023 Oxygen and PAP Top Denials Quarter 3 06/15/2024 JADME JDDME
11/15/2023 Ambulance, Mass Immunization, and Pharmacy Enrollments 06/15/2024 JEB JFB
11/29/2023 Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Enrollment 06/15/2024 JEB JFB
12/05/2023 Top Denials and Solutions - Q4 06/15/2024 JEB JFB
12/06/2023 Noridian Website Provider Enrollment Tour 06/15/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
12/07/2023 Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) Services 06/15/2024 JEA JFA
12/28/2023 Intravenous Immune Globulin IVIG Becomes a Benefit 06/27/2024 JADME JDDME
01/31/2024 Prior Authorization - Orthoses 06/28/2024 JADME JDDME
12/13/2023 COVID-19 Updates and Monkey Pox Billing 06/28/2024 JEA JFA JEB JFB
12/14/2023 Surgery Modifiers 06/28/2024 JEB JFB
12/19/2023 Eye Care Services 07/03/2024 JEB JFB
12/20/2023 Observation 07/03/2024 JEA JFA
12/21/2023 Blood and Blood Products Coverage and Billing 07/03/2024 JEA JFA
12/27/2023 Overlapping Claims, the Struggle is Real 07/04/2024 JEA JFA
01/16/2024 Enteral Nutrition 07/12/2024 JADME JDDME
01/25/2024 Glucose Monitors and Testing Supplies 07/12/2024 JADME JDDME
01/10/2024 Oxygen and Oxygen Equipment 07/17/2024 JADME JDDME
01/17/2024 Parenteral Nutrition 07/17/2024 JADME JDDME
01/18/2024 Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes 07/18/2024 JADME JDDME
01/04/2024 Quarterly Medicare Updates - AB 07/24/2024 JEA JEB JFA JFB
01/10/2024 Navigating the Wave of Change - Physician Final Rule 07/24/2024 JEB JFB
01/17/2024 Enrollment Basics for Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics 07/24/2024 JEA JFA
01/17/2024 Navigating the Wave of Change - Physician Final Rule 07/24/2024 JEB JFB
01/10/2024 Hospital Enrollment Basics 07/30/2024 JEA JFA
01/11/2024 Quarterly Medicare Updates - A/B - After Hours 07/30/2024 JEA JEB JFA JFB
01/17/2024 Home Infusion Therapy (HIT) 07/30/2024 JEB JFB
01/23/2024 Cost Report Reopening Basics 07/30/2024 JEA JFA
01/16/2024 Hospital-Based Ambulance Coverage and Billing 08/02/2024 JEA JFA
01/23/2024 Annual Wellness Visit and Initial Preventive Physical Examination 08/02/2024 JEB JFB
01/24/2024 Modifiers - Provider-Specific and Service-Specific 08/02/2024 JEA JFA
01/24/2024 Outpatient PT, OT, Speech Pathology Facility and Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility Enrollment Differences 08/02/2024 JEA JFA
01/25/2024 Overpayment and Recoupment 08/02/2024 JEB JFB
01/25/2024 Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors Enrolling in Medicare 08/02/2024 JEB JFB
02/07/2024 Competitive Bidding Program Temporary Gap Period 08/07/2024 JADME JDDME
02/08/2024 Top Oxygen and Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Denials and Resolutions 08/08/2024 JADME JDDME
01/30/2024 Top Denials and Solutions - Q1 08/16/2024 JEA JFA
01/31/2024 Basics for End-Stage Renal Disease Facility Enrollments 08/16/2024 JEA JFA
02/07/2024 Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors Enrolling in Medicare 08/16/2024 JEB JFB
02/07/2024 Federally Qualified Health Center FQHC Coverage Requirements - Care Management Services 08/16/2024 JEA JFA
02/08/2024 Ordering and Referring Services 08/16/2024 JEB JFB
Last Updated Feb 20 , 2024