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Noridian Email List Registration

Email List Benefits

Providers are encouraged to register for the Noridian email list. By completing a one-time, five-minute activity, providers will be emailed notifications of Medicare updates, changes, education events, and time-sensitive information. The information included in the email list is also available on the Latest Updates portion of our website.

Providers who have registered for the Noridian email list will typically receive one email each Tuesday and a second email on Friday. There are rare occasions when Noridian needs to send an additional email to supplement the Tuesday and Friday scheduled emails. The ‘special' emails are sent infrequently and are based on state-specific content such as a workshop announcement or an alert to a time-sensitive topic.

When registering for the Noridian email list, providers elect to have their emails arrive in either HTML or text format. An HTML example email is provided.

Jurisdiction F Part B Email Listserv Image


Categorized Articles

To help providers see which articles apply to them, the article title, the source of the article if it was authored by CMS, the introductory paragraph, and a hyperlink to read the entire article is provided. If an article is assigned to a category the provider has not expressed interest in, the introductory paragraph will not be included.

  1. Articles are either assigned to a category of interest or are published as a general announcement.
  2. During email list registration, each provider determines which categories impact their Medicare business.
  3. The article in those categories appears at the top of the provider's customized email.
  4. Articles that apply to a variety of Medicare providers are included within the General Announcements Section.
  5. In the event there is not an article for a specific category, a statement will display indicating there are no articles available for this scheduled distribution.
  6. Unless an article is applicable to a specific state, all subscribers receive the same articles; except the order in which the articles appear may differ based on category of interest preferences.


In each email list, beneath the "Other Topics" categorized articles, there is an advertisement. The contents of this advertisement traditionally contain an image, a brief statement, and a hyperlink labeled "read more" that directs providers to a portion of the website with detailed information regarding the topic advertised. The advertisement often promotes workshop registration, the use of self-service tools, or resource materials to help address identified billing issues.

Resources / Links

Each email contains a resources and hyperlink section in the right margin. Providers are able to quickly access the What's New articles previously published and distributed through the email list in addition to seeing when the call center may be closed for training or holidays. There are promotional topics or campaigns Noridian chooses to highlight. In the example provided, the CERT and Electronic Remittance Advice registration are highlighted. Each email contains a hyperlink to unsubscribe or change categories of interest for the Noridian email list.


  1. Registering for the Noridian email list takes less than five minutes.
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu of the Noridian Medicare website, select "email Newsletter Sign up"
  3. Enter your email address, password, first and last name.
  4. A confirmation email will be immediately sent to your email address. Follow the hyperlink in that email to customize your email receipt.

Email Registeration Entry Fields

After following the confirmation email instruction and hyperlink, you will arrive at the Medicare Email lists page. Locate the desired List Name and choose the action of "subscribe". Once you have subscribed, the action type will change so you may edit your subscription preferences.

Email List Options / Contract Choices

Edit Subscription Profile

To have articles categorized to fit your preference, providers need to provide the name of their facility, their title, and the state in which they provide Medicare services, and the area of interest.

Edit Fields for Profile to Customize Email Display

To select more than one "Billing State(s)" or "Area of Interest", hold down the "CTRL" key on your keyboard and select the additional states or areas of interest with the mouse or pointer device. To select the entire list, select the first item, scroll down the drop down box and hold down the "Shift" key, and select the last item on the list.

Providers may choose to receive either formatted HTML or simplified text format of the emails. Providers may also choose to stop receiving emails in the event they plan to be out of the office for more than three weeks.

Password Resets

In the event the password has been forgotten, providers may enter their email address and indicate they need to request their password. An email is sent that contains the registered email address and associated password.

Password Reset Entry Fields

Last Updated Sep 21, 2016