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All surgeries are considered either minor or major and have a global period of 0, 10 or 90 days.

Bilateral Surgery - Bilateral surgeries are procedures performed on both sides of the body during the same operative session or on the same day. Correct bilateral billing will ensure timely and accurate processing of these claims.

Global Surgery - Post-operative periods, services included in the global surgery and more.

Minor Surgery and Endoscopies - Minor surgeries and endoscopies

Multiple Surgeries - Multiple surgeries are separate procedures performed by a single physician or physicians in the same group practice on the same patient at the same operative session or on the same day for which separate payment may be allowed.

Services Excluded from Global Surgery Payment - These services may be paid for separately from the surgery.

Services Included in Global Surgery Payment - The Medicare approved amount for these procedures includes payment for the services related to the surgery when furnished by the physician who performs the surgery.

Wrong Surgery or Invasive Procedure - CMS does not cover a particular surgical or other invasive procedure to treat a particular medical condition when the practitioner erroneously performs: 1) a different procedure altogether; 2) the correct procedure but on the wrong body part; or 3) the correct procedure but on the wrong patient.


Last Updated Jun 16, 2017