Multiple Surgeries

Multiple surgeries are separate procedures performed by a single physician or physicians in the same group practice on the same patient at the same operative session or on the same day for which separate payment may be allowed. Co-surgeons, surgical teams, or assistants at surgery may participate in performing multiple surgeries on the same patient on the same day.

Surgeries subject to the multiple surgery rules have an indicator of "2" in the Physician Fee Schedule look-up tool. The multiple procedure payment reduction will be applied based on the MPFS approved amount and not on the submitted amount from the providers. The major surgery may or may not be the one with the larger submitted amount.

Multiple surgeries are distinguished from procedures that are components of or incidental to a primary procedure. These intra-operative services, incidental surgeries, or components of more major surgeries are not separately billable.

There may be instances in which two or more physicians each perform distinctly different, unrelated surgeries on the same patient on the same day (for example, in some multiple trauma cases). When this occurs, the payment adjustment rules for multiple surgeries may not be appropriate.


Last Updated Nov 21 , 2022