Enrollment Application Status Tool Use Required - Effective February 5, 2018

Effective February 5, 2018, Noridian Customer Service will require providers to use the Enrollment Application Status Search self-service tool to access application related details. In the interim, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) will educate callers on the use of this tool.

The Enrollment Application Status Search tool allows providers and suppliers to follow his/her enrollment application progress. Simply enter the Application/Reference Number or Web Tracking ID into the search field and select "View Application Status."

If a match is identified, the results will vary depending upon the application progression. Some of the high-level progression levels are listed below.

  • Received
  • In Progress
  • Corrections Requested
  • Completed
  • Unable to Complete

Requiring providers to use this tool will allow Noridian to meet CMS requirements and our CSRs to assist with more complex inquiries which cannot be answered through this self-service tool. 

Last Updated Feb 13, 2018