Helpful Hints Navigating the IVR

The Noridian Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system was recently upgraded with several new changes. When using the IVR, please keep the following suggestions in mind.

  1. Be present in a room where there is no background noise as the IVR will interpret any noise as a response.
  2. Speak clearly at a normal pace, without pausing or emphasizing the letter or number.
  3. Listen to the beginning prompts as the routing to each department has changed.
    1. PART A/B: say General, or press 1
    2. EDI: say EDI or press 2
    3. Enrollment: say Enrollment or press 3
    4. Part B Reopenings: say Reopening or press 4
    5. User Security: say Security or press 5
  4. At any point during the prompts, to reach a live agent, say "Agent" or "Representative" or press "0".
  5. Utilize the IVR Conversion Tool to enter the data on your keypad.
    1. Example: PTAN=YZ123: Enter this into the IVR: *93*94123
    2. Example: MBI= 1AB2CD3EF45: Enter this into the IVR: 1*21*222*23*313*32*3345

To view the complete listing of letters and their corresponding three-key combinations visit the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) webpage.


Last Updated Feb 11, 2020