Enroll or Make Changes via PECOS Web

The quickest, most efficient way to submit a Medicare enrollment application is by registering and using the Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System (PECOS)

Provider Enrollment

Enroll in Medicare - Know what to expect during the application process by viewing this list of everything enrollees need to know before they begin an application

Enrollment Application Status Search - This search allows providers and suppliers to follow the application progress. Enter an Application/Reference Number or Web Tracking ID into its search field and select "View Application Status"

Enrollment Forms - Access CMS Enrollment application forms

Make Changes - View timeframes and tips that will help enrolled providers update their Medicare enrollment information when there is a change in their enrollment information

MEDPARD - View a listing of participating physicians who have agreed to accept assignment on all Medicare claims and covered services

Open Enrollment - Announcement and agreement for providers who will become a participating provider or who are discontinuing participation

Opt Out of Medicare - View the opt out process and lists of providers who have opted out

Order, Certify and/or Prescribe Part D Drugs - Information for providers enrolling for the sole purpose of ordering, certifying and/or prescribing Part D drugs

PECOS and the I&A Management System - Gain knowledge to complete the Identity and Access Management (I&A) System to get access to PECOS

Provider Enrollment Rebuttal, CAPs and Reconsiderations - View the Enrollment appeals process, the Reconsideration request, rejected or returned Reconsideration, the Corrective Action Plan (CAP), and rejected or returned CAP

Provider Enrollment Contact Center - View contact information including phone numbers, mailing addresses, and fax numbers for your enrollment inquiries

Reactivation - View information for providers who are re-enrolling in Medicare with a specific billing scenario

Revalidation - View Revalidation details, tools, application submission, what happens if a provider fails to revalidate, tips and resources

Total Enrollment - View process documents, user guides, and references for each topic will walk providers through a successful enrollment

Withdraw from Medicare - View information to terminate a provider Medicare number


Last Updated Aug 29 , 2023

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