Reopening Timeliness Calculator

This timeliness calculator determines the date a Reopening request must be received by Noridian in order to meet timeliness guidelines.



A Reopening request must be submitted one year from initial determination date or after one year from date of receipt due to overpayment via clerical error omissions.

Redetermination Timeliness Calculator





A Redetermination must be submitted within 120 days of the original Remittance Advice (RA) or Medicare Summary Notice (MSN).

Adjustments to the initial claim or resubmissions for the same item or service will not extend or change the appeal rights on the initial determination.

A request filed is considered to be filed the date the MAC receives it. The time limit for a request is computed by allowing five additional days beyond the time limit from the RA or MSN date. This allows a 5-day period for mail delivery.

When filing deadline ends on a Saturday, Sunday, legal holiday, or any other nonwork day, the contractor shall apply a rollover period that extends filing deadline to first working day after the Saturday, Sunday, legal holiday, or other nonwork day. Example: Filing deadline falls on Saturday before Columbus Day, filing deadline is then extended to first working day after Columbus Day holiday.

Reconsideration Timeliness Calculator




ALJ Timeliness Calculator