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Chiropractic Services - Initial Treatment Date - JF Part B

Chiropractic Services - Initial Treatment Date

CO-16 Claim/service lacks information or has a submission/billing error(s) which is needed for adjudication.
MA121 Missing/incomplete/invalid x-ray date.
MA122 Missing/incomplete/invalid initial treatment date.


Common Reasons for Message

  • Initial treatment date in Item 14 is either missing or invalid
  • Incorrect qualifier was used on electronic claim

Next Step

  • Resubmit claim with initial treatment date Item 14 or electronic equivalent
    • Initial treatment date is required on all chiropractic claims involving spinal manipulation
  • Resubmit electronic claim with correct qualifier for initial treatment date
    • Initial treatment date is submitted in Loop 2300
    • Initial treatment date is reported in a DTP segment in format CCYYMMDD
    • Qualifier must be submitted as 454

Claim Submission Tips


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