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Missing/Incorrect Required Claim Information - JF Part B

Missing/Incorrect Required Claim Information

CARC/RARC Description
CO-16 Claim/service lacks information or has submission/billing error(s) which is needed for adjudication.
M51 Missing/incomplete/invalid procedure code(s).
N56 Procedure code billed is not correct/valid for the services billed or date of service billed.


Common Reasons for Message

  • Information required for claim processing is either missing or incorrect

Next Step

  • Submit new claim with corrected/complete information
    • Claim is unprocessable; no appeal rights

Claim Submission Tips

  • Ensure procedure code is appropriate and valid for services billed and dates of service
  • Select CPT or HCPCS code that accurately identifies service or procedure performed
  • If no such code exists, use appropriate unlisted procedure code
    • Enter a brief yet complete description of services rendered in Item 19 of CMS-1500 claim form or SV101-7 field for Electronic Media Claims (EMC)
    • If characters extend beyond SV101-7, continue entering in Loop 2300 NTE Segment
    • For an unclassified drug code, enter drug name and dosage in Item 19 on CMS-1500 claim form or electronic equivalent
    • Enter one (1) unit in Item 24G
  • Procedure codes that require pricing per invoice must contain invoice price plus shipping cost (do not include handling or other fees). View Avoiding Denials on Priced Per Invoice Claims


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