Search Tips

The effectiveness of search results is improved based on features offered by Noridian. Enter the term or phrase within the search field located within the top heading of the website. The following tips will assist you in obtaining concise results.

  • Avoid entering search in form of a question
  • Verify spelling of searched term
  • Enter a single CPT or HCPCS instead of a range of codes with a hyphen
  • Try replacing keywords with synonyms
  • Try less specific keywords

Search Term or Phrase Criteria

  • All Terms - By default, this is the search result selection. If multiple words are entered, all of the words must all be included within the webpage either in the title, description, keywords, or full text.
  • Any Terms - If multiple words are entered in the search, and this feature is selected, search results will be expanded to include all webpage that contain at least one of the terms entered.
  • Exact Phrase - The searched terms must appear within the webpage in the exact order entered.

Examples of the volume of search results you may receive based on the type of search conducted as well as variations of a single term are reflected below.

Searched Phrase All Terms Any Terms Exact Phrase
Redetermination form 79 427 20
Chemotherapy Administration 25 211 14
Chiro 5 Not Conducted Not Conducted
Chiropractor 26 Not Conducted Not Conducted
Chiropractic 59 Not Conducted Not Conducted


Displayed Results

The results of a search include the title of the webpage or resource which displays in a blue font and acts as a hyperlink to the resource. After selecting a search result, you can select the browser's "Back" feature to return to the search result listing.

A description of the webpage contents, the date the webpage was published or updated, and a ‘starred rating' showing the frequency in which the searched term/phrase is included in the specific result.

The total number of results found for the search is provided and ten results are displayed per page. An option to in addition to the ability to navigate among the pages of the search results

Sort By Options

  • Relevancy Descending - This is the default display order. The search returns a list of webpages displayed in order by how often the term/phrase is found within the website address, title, contents, keywords and content description. The more starts that are provided with a result reflects the content is the better match for what is being searched.
  • Relevancy Ascending - Sorting by this option displays results which contain the least number of occurrences of the searched/term or phrase.
  • Date Descending - This sort order displays results based on the most recently published content regardless of how frequently or relevant the term may be within the contents.
  • Date Ascending - The oldest content is displayed first regardless of how frequently the searched term/phrase is used within the webpage contents.

Search Filters

The results of the searched term/phrase can be filtered further to allow you to view how many occurrences of the search results appear within bulletins, within a defined navigation website category, or by a grouping of the age of the website content.

This is especially useful if you are searching for a CPT and you do not need to see the fee schedules associated with that CPT but are instead looking for education or a policy for that code.


Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023