Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC)

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Noridian maintains a CAC within Jurisdiction F with the purpose of offering:

  • A formal mechanism for physicians to be informed of and participate in the development of an LCD in an advisory capacity
  • A mechanism to discuss and improve administrative policies that are within carrier discretion; and
  • A forum for information exchange between Noridian and physicians

The focus of the CAC is to discuss Proposed Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs), issues presented in each jurisdiction, and administrative policies. The Noridian CAC does not address issues and policies related to private insurance business, is not a forum for peer review, and is not an avenue for discussion of individual cases, claims, or providers.

While the CAC reviews all draft LCDs, the final implementation decision about LCDs rests with the Contractor Medical Directors (CMDs) who jointly develops the agenda with the CAC members.


The role of each CAC member is to serve to improve the relations and communication between Medicare and the physician community. This includes disseminated draft LCDs and information about the Medicare program and discuss inconsistent or conflicting Medicare medical review policies. CAC members are not paid for their services.

Upcoming Meetings and Related Documents

Meetings occur as needed for the development of LCDs. Non-CAC members may participate in listen-only mode via teleconference.

State Date Topic Time Location Meeting Documents
All 12/07/21 MolDX: Predictive Testing to Guide Targeted Therapy Selection in Rheumatoid Arthritis CAC Meeting 1:00-3:00 p.m. CST


Previous Meetings and Related Documents

Date Topic Meeting Documents Recordings
10/12/21 MolDX: Molecular Testing for Risk Stratification of Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer TBD
05/12/21 Amniotic Product Injections for Musculoskeletal Indications, Non-Wound
02/11/21 Epidural Interventions for Chronic Pain Management
01/11/21 Molecular Diagnostic Panel Testing for Pathogens
05/28/20 Facet Joint and Medial Nerve Branch Procedures
04/28/20 Wound Care and Skin Substitutes
11/12/19 Fluid Jet System in the Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
06/29/19 Pharmagenomics
06/18/19 Fractional Flow Reserve computed tomography (FFRct)



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