You Spoke. We Listened.

Thank you for your MAC Satisfaction Indicator (MSI) and website survey responses. Using feedback provided as well as contractor-initiated updates, we strive to make changes to improve your experience with us.

  • Updated Education and Outreach Schedule of Events webpage to provide a quicker view of upcoming event titles, dates, times, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offered, and types, along with the ability to search the Schedule of Events
  • Added more Enrollment on Demand (EoD) tutorials for Medicare Part B Specialties (See Enrollment)
  • Tools (See Education & Outreach) Added
    • Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) calculator to assist providers in determining line by line claim payment calculations for covered services when Medicare is secondary payer
    • Claim Submission Timeliness Calculator to help providers calculate claim submission timeline
    • Overpayment Interest Calculator to help providers determine how much interest have been accrued on an unpaid overpayment
  • Added in-page search tool to various pages throughout website. Enter a relevant keyword or phrase and this tool will search through tables or lists to find what you're looking for faster.
  • Reorganized "Alerts" webpage to separate "Open Alerts" and "Resolved Alerts"
  • Added topic specific "Related Articles" to "Browse by Specialty landing pages

Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) Highlights

  • Eligibility in NMP now offers additional beneficiary information. Enhancements include:
    • Part D Enrollment Data
    • Preventive Services include CPT/HCPCS 81528, G0297, G0442, G0443, G0472, G0473, G0475
    • Preventive tab included Professional and Technical Sessions Remaining and Sessions Used for Pulmonary, Cardiac and Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation
    • Hospice tab includes Occurrence Count of each Hospice Episode
  • File size limit for documentation uploads was increased from 10MB to 70MB
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) now only requires one form of authentication on each NMP account (email, text or voice)
  • TIN, NPI and PTAN combinations are now listed in alphabetical/numerical order in inquiry screens and "Manage Account" screens
  • Clarified error messages
  • Redesigned NMP home page for a more user-friendly login experience
  • If a beneficiary being searched for within an Eligibility inquiry has an updated Medicare ID, NMP will provide correct Medicare ID
  • In Eligibility results, if beneficiary inquired on does not have any benefit information on file for a category, message "Eligibility information for this category is not on file on the date for this inquiry" will display
  • When submitting an inquiry, users are not required to select button "Submit Inquiry." Simply select "Enter" on keyboard

Last Updated Feb 28, 2019

The below are topic specific articles which have been published to "Latest Updates" and sent out in Noridian emails within the past two years. Exclusions to this include time sensitive related announcements such as: Noridian and CMS educational events, Ask-the-Contractor Teleconferences and claims processing downtime.

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